Dropracks XL+ RV 160 CM
    Dropracks  XL+ RV 160 CM
    Dropracks  XL+ RV 160 CM
    Dropracks  XL+ RV 160 CM
    Dropracks  XL+ RV 160 CM
    Dropracks  XL+ RV 160 CM
    Dropracks  XL+ RV 160 CM

    Dropracks XL+ RV 160 CM

    The Tall Van Edition

    Have you ever tried loading kayaks or other gear onto a 2.8 meter tall camper van?

    Introducing our all-new Dropracks Elevating Roof Rack for Tall Vans - The latest addition to our product lineup that's specifically designed to meet the demands of our customers with tall camper vans and a demand for utilizing the cargo space on their roofs.

    We've always prided ourselves on our ability to listen to our customers and act on their feedback, and with this new version of our popular elevating roof rack, we've taken that commitment to the next level.

    After rebuilding and customizing more than 50 Dropracks XLs to be even more suitable for tall vans since 2020 we decided that it's time for a limited serial production and making the product official, and therefore we have involved our trusted assembly and manufacturing partner Hettich & OBE Kinematics. They ensured this new Dropracks version is manufactured with the same high level of precission and quality controll as our beloved "Standard" Dropracks'. 

    With the Dropracks TVE1 this is now possible, and you can bring the kayaks up and down in a minute. Enjoy kayaking more often when you are travelling, and dont worry about loading and unloading.

    Enjoy paddling at every location you visit, and don't let the height of your van stop you from doing so.

    In preorder 20 days time frame
    Tax included

    Dropracks XL+ 160 CM Special tall van camper / RV

    Most popular car models for the recommended setup:

    Fiat Ducato H2 2007 +
    Peugeot Boxer H2 2007 +
    Citroen Jumper H2 2007 +
    Vauxhall Movano 2022+


    The Dropracks TVE1 comes with the universal, market standard T-Slots on top for roof rack accessories. Attach your favourite J-Style kayak carriers on top, an they will end with a hoorizontal surface when the rack is lowered.

    Load and secure your kayaks while comfortly walking around them on the ground.

    Some great options are:

    - Thule Hull A Port Aero
    - Kuat Calss 4 V2.

    Both displayed in the photo below.

    We strongly recommend using the following articles for installing the Dropracks TVE1. This setup is compatible with

    - Thule Smart Clamp System (Longitudinal rail system), installed by your campervan builder.
    - Thule Evo Fixpoint Footpack (THU710700)
    - Thule Fitting Kit 187009 (Compatible with the Smart Clamp System Geometry).
    - A small step or ladder in order to reach up to the Dropracks.

    Effortlessly load and secure all your essentials onto your car's roof with Dropracks. From kayaks and bicycles to roof boxes and tents, it's a versatile solution for any adventure. The platform's user-friendly height ensures stress-free loading and unloading, minimizing strain on your body and safeguarding your vehicle. Experience the added benefit of effortless handling even when dealing with heavy or awkward items.

    Discover a new era of convenience and ease with Dropracks – where accessibility meets innovation, and loading becomes a breeze.
    Popular Applications
    Kayaks and Canoes

    Lifting kayaks onto the roof of a car is a challenge, especially if you are alone. Properly securing them also takes longer and is more strenuous than it should be when it is difficult to access.

    With Dropracks, it is possible to load the kayaks on your own without worrying about physical strain and the risk of damaging the car. You can walk around the kayak(s) in the lowered loading position and make sure they are securely fastened with the loading straps before setting off.

    Lifting bikes, especially heavier electric bikes, onto the roof of a car is associated with risk. It's easy to accidentally get a pedal stripe in the paint. On the Dropracks Sport, you can fit four bike carriers next to each other, if you mount them alternating back and forth, lengthwise - backwards.
    Roof tent

    Lifting a roof tent on and off the roof of a car on traditional roof racks can be a real strain, even when you are two people. With Dropracks, this becomes significantly easier. In addition, it is significantly easier to "slip" the roof tent on and off as needed, so you don't have to drive around with the roof tent more than necessary.
    Ski box/roof boxes

    In the winter, it is well known that cars often get extra dirty from snow, dust, and road salt. With Dropracks on the roof, you don't have to balance with dirty shoes in either the door frame, on the wheels, or on the trailer hitch. Lower the entire roof box down to a comfortable height without getting your clothes dirty from the car, or worrying about the zippers scratching the paint on the car.

    Safety in Mind

    Dropracks features automatic stainless steel locks to securely hold the rack in place, and has a visual and audible indication that the locks are properly engaged. The release buttons are large and can easily be pressed even while wearing gloves or mittens.


    The integrated lifting crank has adjustable momentum to make sure you can lift heavy loads without strain on your body.

    Additionally, the Dropracks Sport is tested and approved in accordance with international standards for roof racks, ensuring that it is built to withstand the toughest conditions.

    Dropracks lowerable roof rack with kayak carrier and kayaks

    Key Features

    • Quick and easy loading and unloading from three sides
    • Standard T-Channel on top for attaching load carriers like skis, bikes, kayaks, roof boxes, tents and more
    • Horizontal loading surface for safe and easy access to your gear
    • Integrated lifting crank with adjustable lengths for heavy or light loads
    • Rubber strips on top for added friction and protection of your gear
    • Stainless steel click locks for quick departure
    • Compact and closed design in driving position for a streamlined look
    • Durable black anodized aluminum finish
    • Designed and tested in Norway for harsh conditions
    • Approved to international standards for roof racks

    We recommend Dropracks XL

    - Trucks; 1500, 2500, 3500

    - Vans

    - Full size SUVs

    - Mini vans, 3 Row SUVs

    - When you need the widest rack


    Additional equipment can easily be mounted on the T-track on the top of the loading surface. The T-track has standard dimensions for loading equipment and equipment holders from well-known brands such as Thule, Yakima, Atera, Packline, Rhino ++.

    The T-tracks on Dropracks Sport are 130 cm long, and T-bolts can be inserted from both ends.

    ✓ Fits bike carriers with standard T-bolts

    ✓ Fits kayak carriers with standard T-bolts

    ✓ Fits roof boxes with standard T-bolts

    ✓ Fits roof bars with standard T-bolts
    Vehicle roofs and types

    Dropracks Sport is designed to fit passenger cars such as SUVs, station wagons, and European 7-seaters. To mount Dropracks on your car, you need four "towers/loading feet/clamps/foot sets".

    ✓ Fits cars with low roof rails

    ✓ Fits cars with high roof rails

    ✓ Fits cars with a roof gutter

    ✓ Fits cars with fix-points*
    Important Notice Regarding Fitting

    Attachments/towers/clamps/footpacks must be purchased separately! Contact us for recommendations for your car.

    Designed in Norway, Assembled by Hettich

    Dropracks is a true international product, blending the best of Scandinavian design and German Quality Control. Developed in Norway, a country known for its rugged and beautiful landscape, Dropracks is built to withstand the toughest weather conditions.

    The highest quality and reliability for your Dropracks by is ensured by trusting in the expert assembly of Hettich, a world leading German manufacturer of kinematic components, with a state-of-the-art factory in Basque region of Spain. From start to finish, your Dropracks is made with the utmost care and attention to detail, ensuring a product you can rely on for all your gear-hauling needs.

    Say goodbye to the strain and hassle of traditional roof racks and upgrade to Dropracks today!

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